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Find Personal Product Opinions

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You’re looking to buy an item but you want to know what others think about it before you do? Sound familiar? Well Buzzillions can help.

Buzzillions is a product review site that is written by people just like you. No opinions are paid for, so you can trust what you read.

Buzzillions has over 9 million reviews written on items like dog toys to electronics and everything in between.

Buzzillions is not a retail site. They do not sell anything. There are links to retailers. My thought is that this is how they afford the site.

Think of Buzzillions as a Consumer Reports by the common folk! If you are interested in seeing what they have to say, you can visit the site here: link
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Angela said...

Thanks for the mention. We just awarded our 2010 Reviewers' Choice Awards winners - the best products according to our users. Here are all the Baby products in case you are interested: