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Target - $25 Target GiftCard - Sponsored Post
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Target - $25 Target GiftCard - Sponsored Post
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Discounted Shopping Site

They offer daily deals and the price goes down the more that is ordered. You will get the item for the price listed OR even less! Take a look and see what today's deal is.  [link]


New Shopping - One Kings Lane

A new way to shop, registration is free and for doing so you will get a 15 dollar bonus to spend right away.
Save on top home decor brands at One Kings Lane. Join today and get $15 instant credit! [link]
One Hand, Two Hands by Max Lucado doesn’t disappoint. Upon arrival, I sat down and read it with my daughters. My eldest being in second grade, it was age appropriate for her reading level. While reading, she was able to make a lot of personal connections to the writing and she loved the illustrations by Gaby Hansen. Written in rhyme, it is not a lengthy read but a meaningful read. And one that little hearts and hands can relate too as well as see how they can have servant hearts and hands too.

This book was provided free through the Book Sneeze blogger program.
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New Freebies

Free sample of Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Free Tampon samples.

Free coupon for natural dog food.

Free sample of Super Premium Natural Dog food.

Free sample of spaghetti pasta. Available in AL, AR, IN, KY, MS and TN Only.

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Change Your Church for Good - Book Review

Change Your Church for Good is a solid plan for change. Although I was hoping for radical or new ideas, what was presented was good. The information is usable as an outlined plan for change for those not knowing where to start or how to change.  For those looking for something more than typical or traditional ideas, this might not be the place to start but you will probably find a few helpful pointers. As with anything, no one resource will have all solutions necessary. And this holds true for Change Your Church for Good. But as a part of a library on this topic, it is definitely a book to review and add to your collection. 

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Free Sinus Rinse

A great free offer. You get a sinus rinse bottle and two free samples. The site says it takes a few weeks to process and deliver and it does. I just got mine in the mail and it is true to the offer.

Giveaway Items

All blog giveaways, contests and sweepstakes in one place brings you the latest giveaway promotions with products ranging from coupons and samples to high value jewelry and electronics. Giveaways have become extremely popular in recent years and thousands of blogs offer them on a regular basis. Giveaway Scout scans a large number of giveaway blogs and updates every hour with the latest offers.


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Free Udder Cover for Nursing Moms

We have made an arrangement with so you can get one nursing cover (regular price $32) free. You just pay the shipping. The code is "Family2010".

Go to, click on "Shop Now", select the product you would like (they also have 3 piece gift sets available with this promotion) and you will automatically be directed to the center of the page where you can enter in the promo code! Type in "Family2010" and it will pull up the ones available. They are selling out fast. You can use the code more than once - you just have to open a new browser/window to do so. Good Luck!

This promotion gives you a $32.00 discount off your total order no matter what you put in your cart! This promotion code is valid once per transaction, so you can order as many times as you would like!

Grocery Coupon Websites

There are many websites that can help you save money on groceries. Here is a list of some available sites. [more]

Finding Grocery Coupons Online

There are more ways to locate grocery coupons than looking in your Sunday paper. Here are some suggestions for ways to find free coupons. [more]

Coupon Clutch - A REALLY Cool Idea

Cool, Cute and Functional!

All three? Really! This has got to be the best coupon binder I have ever seen. It is functional and easy to carry. The patterns are fashionable. I can't imagine anything else working any better! What a great idea. I hope you think so too! click the image to visit the store

Free Recipe Card Templates to Get Organized

Recipe Cards are a necessity. Be it organizing your own kitchen recipes or sharing them with friends and family, there will be a time that you will need a recipe card. Why not print out free one's available online? Listed below are five sites where you can download templates for recipe cards. Each of these sites also has a variety of other templates available that you might want to explore. [more]

Book Review - God's Promises for GIrls

An adorable book!
Great size - 7.1 x 5.2 x 0.4 inches
Fantastic for gift giving – Reading level - Ages 9-12

God's Promises for Girls is written by Jack Countryman and Amy Parker, illustrated by Rachelle Miller and published by Thomas Nelson Publishers.

The content is grouped together in section like “God’s Promises When…” and “God’s Promises About …”. Each topic under those sections begin with a short four or five lined poem, an illustration and then further enhanced with scripture selections.

Topics are relevant to young girls, covering issues like being happy, being thankful, The Woman You’ll Grow Up to Be, Using Your Time Wisely and many others.

Having young girls myself, this book resonates with me. I am going to share it with my seven year old who is just learning to read. The selections are short enough to keep her attention while being full of important content that will stimulate further discussion between us. I can see this book being a great tool to jump start discussions between mothers and daughters as well as being a go to guide for answers when emotions and feelings are bruised. I would highly recommend sharing this book with your daughters. 

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Charleston Cookie Company Review & Giveaway

Charleston Cookie Company Review and  Giveaway

The folks over at Charleston Cookie Company have generously decided to give two (2) lucky Nicole’s Nickels readers each their own dozen cookies in their choice of flavor!

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Book Review - "Classic Wisdom for the Professional Life"

Do you know someone who just got promoted? How about a recent college graduate, or possibly a career change? Classic Wisdom for the Professional Life by Bray Curtis would make a wonderful gift for any of these situations. Classic Wisdom for the Professional Life is a collection of quotes by famous and current popular people sure to give anyone a boost in the right direction.

Most business people are busy people. Not having time to read a book. Classic Wisdom for the Professional Life by Bray Curtis doesn’t have to be read from cover to cover. You can open to any page and gain a boost of confidence you are focusing your energies in the right direction. The dimensions of the book make it handy to carry with you in your briefcase, computer bag or backpack.

Another use for the Classic Wisdom for the Professional Life by Bray Curtis would be as a reference to great quotes to use in a presentation. A very handy tool for any business related motivational need.

Published by Tomas Nelson Publishers, Classic Wisdom for the Professional Life by Bray Curtis is a hardback bound book with the dimensions of 8.1 x 4.7 x 0.8 inches. 

This book was provided free through the Book Sneeze blogger program. 

How Should a Christian Live? - Book Review

One of four volumes, How Should a Christian Live? Word of Promise Next Generation Devotional is a devotional guide directed towards youth. Each volume includes an MP3 CD, a devotional guide and a journaling section.

When I requested this title for review, I wasn’t aware its focus was on youth. I was a bit surprised upon its arrival but found I was interested in the different learning styles presented to capture one’s attention and I can see benefit in utilizing this concept with devotionals geared towards adult learning as well.

Because people learn and retain information in different ways, this series is very versatile. It appeals to many different ways of learning through listening, reading, writing, applying and even game playing with word searches and such. It is sure to gain your child’s attention as well as your own. How Should a Christian Live is truly an interactive learning devotional.

Volume three, referred to as the “How” volume, focuses on the continued study of Jesus and how that will impact our lives. The topic of How is expressed in thirteen lessons. Each lesson includes a GET-IT, GRAB-IT, HOLD-IT, GIVE-IT, DEFINE-IT and LIVE-IT feature.

The four volumes include: What is Salvation?, Why Should I Choose Jesus?, Who is Jesus?, and How Should a Christian Live?. This series is geared towards a reading level of 9-12 year olds. The series is published as paperbacks and their dimensions are 8.9 x 6.9 x 0.7 inches – a very manageable size for this age group. How Should a Christian Live? has 176 pages. 


 This book was provided free through the Book Sneeze blogger program.  

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FashionPlaytes girls custom clothing

FashionPlaytes girls custom clothing -
This idea is too cute. I know a ton of girls that would jump at the chance to create their own article of clothing! What a concept! is the clothing design studio for girls 5-12 where they can design and order clothes that get shipped right to their doorstep! Girls can can create a custom design in minutes: - They first choose an item from our collection of t-shirts, hoodies, dresses and more. - Next they add embellishments like ribbon, ruffles, sequins and rhinestones. - At the end, they design a custom label for their new fashion collection! With prices starting at under $20, it’s a great way to build her wardrobe for spring.

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DIY Blog Cabin

Blog Cabin is the groundbreaking multimedia experience based on a very simple idea: You Design It, We Build It, You Could Win It! This truly interactive series asks Internet users to vote on the design features for a real cabin getaway. Blog Cabin will then be featured on five special episodes of the hottest DIY Network shows: BATHtastic!, Desperate Landscapes, House Crashers, Kitchen Impossible and Indoors Out. Expert hosts from these series will be on hand to renovate the 1970s ranch that will become a luxurious home for a lucky sweepstakes winner. Plus, a one-hour Blog Cabin special, hosted by licensed contractor John DeSilvia, will highlight the incredible transformation.[link]
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Healthy Moms Online Magazine

Healthy Moms -
Healthy Moms is an online magazine for moms. Started in 2007, Healthy Moms, is ranked the number one health blog for moms at RN Our website is more than just a health blog, we provide helpful information, tips, and personal experiences about spirituality, fitness, safety, pregnancy, maternity acupressure, parenting, and other women's issues. We provide everything from potty training to tips on how to stay physically fit.

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Disney Movie Reward 100 points

Play the Treasure Hunt and enter your answers in as codes for an additional 100 points total to your Movie Rewards account! [link]

Making Chores Fun!

Helping make chores more fun for you and your family:

MYJobChart is a FREE online Chore Chart that teaches kids to work in a fun and productive way. Helping our children understand the benefit of consistent work and the value of a dollar is increasingly difficult in today’s world. Parents have tried everything from printable chore charts, stickers, reward cards, and posters but none seem to engage the interest of today’s children.
My Job Chart has found the solution. It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s ONLINE, and best of all it’s FREE! Our online chore chart system inspires and motivates kids to do their chores on time every time. Kids get excited when they see their points adding up and want to do more. The chore chart is completely customizable. Your kids will finally be excited to do their chores. Give My Job Chart a try today!  {link}
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Write Online for Pay

I write for a number of different sites. The one that consistently pays well and is stable, reliable and one I would recommend is Associate Content. You can be paid up front for your article and then earn additional pay for page views. It doesn't start out as much but over time it adds up. If you write consistently, you will build a base upon which you are paid monthly. It is free to join so why not give it a try?

Join Associated Content
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Have Your Cake Delivered - and eat it too!

Chocolate Birthday Cake Delivery -
wonderful gourmet birthday cakes for delivery throughout the United States

 This is one cool idea!! -
FlipClips creates individually-customized paper flipbooks, from short digital videos! Using professional printing and bookbinding equipment, and awesome technology we enable anyone with a memorable video clip to print a permanent, portable, beautiful flipbook, complete with custom cover. Starting under $10 with no minimum order quantity, FlipClips are perfect for keepsakes, wedding favors or invitations, holiday gifts and greeting cards. Marketers use flipbooks to give their audience a short video snippet, without the requirement of any dvd or media players.

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When you inquire about listings on Craigslist, it's very likely that you're giving your email address to an email farmer who will sell it to spammers. If you use a email address instead, we'll keep your real email address completely private for you for the duration of your dialog with strangers.

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I would be happy to win any prize. But I was surprised to find the grand prize is a computer! Satellite L505D-ES5025

Harvest America Groceries - Sponsored Post

Harvest America Groceries -
Earn money fast by saving first. Cut 40%-60% from your grocery bill. Guarantied lowest prices, No Coupons needed! Shop online and we'll deliver your groceries to your door for Free via FEDEX.

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