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Internet in the classroom

As a teacher I am supposed to always be aware of how my students are behaving, to always know what is going on in the classroom. One of the most important areas is internet use in the classroom. It is important for me to teach my students about the internet and have them learn to use it appropriately. There are some sites that are blocked on the school computers but the blocks can't catch everything. Of course it isn't a huge problem if I send my students to the computer to research their favorite TV show and they end up on, but if they type 'boobs' into a Google search engine then pictures will most likely pop up. As the teacher in the classroom I am responsible for what they see on the internet in my classroom. I have to be very careful and be close by when they use the computers. This may not be the case with older students, but I teach third graders and they would be scarred if they saw inappropriate pictures on the computer.
Author: Dorsey Velasquez