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Do You Use Bleach?

Ingestion of bleach can cause death. Inhalation of bleach can cause nervous system and brain damage, dermal contact of bleach can cause rash and burning.

From the “Pharmaceutical Press”: A young girl had suffered episodes of vomiting, abdominal pain, and bronchopneumonia over a period of a year which was finally traced to her habit of sucking socks that had been bleached.

From Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products: ... An 18 month old girl who swallowed a "few tablespoons" of liquid household bleach coughed, choked and vomited. Promptly thereafter she became lethargic and was admitted to a local hospital in a state of coma. Death occurred 19 hours after ingestion.

Bleach can be found in a variety of household products in both liquid and granular form. Products with the word bleach in its name obviously contain bleach, however; a variety of products contain bleach and it may not be obvious at first glance. Some examples are: Drano, Tilex, Palmolive, and Cascade.

Dr. Doris Rapp, a pediatric environmental doctor, noticed children exposed to certain chemicals containing chlorine bleach couldn’t write their name legibly, but could before exposure. If your handwriting or drawing is altered, your nervous system and brain have been affected.

Safely storage and use of bleach is a must. However, as mentioned above, the fumes alone can cause damage. To be safe, removal of bleach and bleach containing products would eliminate the possible hazard.

If you would like to have information on how to purchase safe products for your family, please contact me privately and I will share with you a variety of safe cleaning products for your home.