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One Hand, Two Hands by Max Lucado doesn’t disappoint. Upon arrival, I sat down and read it with my daughters. My eldest being in second grade, it was age appropriate for her reading level. While reading, she was able to make a lot of personal connections to the writing and she loved the illustrations by Gaby Hansen. Written in rhyme, it is not a lengthy read but a meaningful read. And one that little hearts and hands can relate too as well as see how they can have servant hearts and hands too.

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Change Your Church for Good - Book Review

Change Your Church for Good is a solid plan for change. Although I was hoping for radical or new ideas, what was presented was good. The information is usable as an outlined plan for change for those not knowing where to start or how to change.  For those looking for something more than typical or traditional ideas, this might not be the place to start but you will probably find a few helpful pointers. As with anything, no one resource will have all solutions necessary. And this holds true for Change Your Church for Good. But as a part of a library on this topic, it is definitely a book to review and add to your collection. 

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Free Sinus Rinse

A great free offer. You get a sinus rinse bottle and two free samples. The site says it takes a few weeks to process and deliver and it does. I just got mine in the mail and it is true to the offer.

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