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eReader and free Books

TODAY AT BARNES & NOBLE: Download a free eReader and gain access to hundreds of eBooks on your Blackberry, iPhone, PC or Mac. You'll receive six titles free at the time of download and there are hundreds of eBooks to choose from for purchase, plus a wide selection available for free. If you wish to download the eReader, set up a Barnes & Noble user account - it requires only your name and email address. Once you have your user id, follow our link and choose the eReader download instructions for the device you will be using on the right side of the page. We used the PC option and it was fast and easy. Once you have your eReader installed, you can choose from four pages of free eBook downloads with action/adventure, science fiction, romance, old classics and more. [link]

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Sherrie said...

Nice post to know the details about the free ebook downloads. These books are very useful for people who are doing some project work or research as these books will be updated then and there only for the people to know the information which is latest.