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The Craft Map - A New Venture

I have been busy with a new venture. In the past few days, I have been altering and uploading files and testing links for a new site. I have created The Craft Map. It is a site where people connect with crafts. It is free to enter your blog. After review, your blog will be added to the map. You can use the map to connect with others in your area or others who create crafts of the same media. Hopefully it will provide you with another avenue to advertise your blog and crafting.

The concept, while fantastic, I will admit was not mine. I borrowed it from Bargain Briana. She created a similar site called the Frugal Map for couponing, savings and shopping. I asked her if I could use the same idea for a craft map and she graciously agreed.

If you have a craft blog or know someone who does, please consider visiting the site and sharing the link. I am very excited about The Craft Map and can't wait to see it grow.

Thanks for your interest, it is off to a great start with lots of page views in just two days of it's launch. Here's hoping it spreads like a virus!!!

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