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A Free Swagbucks Code

There is a new swag code out now.
Not signed up with SwagBucks yet? Click here, open a FREE account and get 3 swagbucks instantly. Already a Swagger…
  • Go to the Swag Bucks home page and click on special offers under quick links on the left side of the page
  • Next look for a blue box that says “No Obligation Offers” and click on “Go Now!”
  • You will be offered to sign up for products or services, if you just want your swag buck, scroll down until you see “skip” and click it.
  • Keeping clicking “skip” for every offer. There is about 5 of them.
  • On your last page you’ll see “Thank you for considering our special offers”. Your code will be right below this message.
  • Copy this code and go to your Swagbucks home page
  • Paste the code in the box under on the right, under your name. It says “Enter a Swag Code”

With Swag Bucks you’ll earn points while you search the web. Trade them for gift cards and prizes.

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