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“Blissfully Frugal”

The following opinion piece is an entry into the Blissfully Frugal Contest to win a ticket to the blogging conference Blissdom. If you could take a moment and vote, I would appreciate it.

Living life Blissfully Frugal is a state of mind. I enjoy a good bargain. I like a discount. I am sure there are aspects of my life that I am not the best at being frugal. I would like to think that most of those times come when it might be at the cost of my family members.

Clothing is often bought a season ahead and on sale. Right now, this is easily done since my daughters are young. There will be a time when “guestimating” their sizes for the following year will not be as easy. I figure, while they are young and not that interested in fashion is the time to save my pennies allowing them to splurge a bit when they are older and desire a certain fad fashion item.

When it comes to purchasing an item, both my husband and I like to research prices. We look for the best deal. We look at reviews of the products, checking reports and opinions. We don’t mind spending more for an item if in the end, it actually does save us time and money in its longevity.

One area I am not the best at being frugal about is when it comes to buying food. We do shop at the big warehouse stores for items we use on a regular basis. I do clip coupons from time to time but honestly, I forget to take them with me just as often.

Eating out or carrying in is another food area that we aren’t all that frugal about. We do use coupons for eating out when applicable. We use as often as we can. But when I am busy or tired, having my husband bring something home is a bit too convenient.

Many of my blogging friends blog about saving money on food purchases. I know, there are blogs dedicated to it. I even have a few affiliate links on my blog about couponing. This is definitely an area I need improvement on.

I have a friend who is a diva at saving at the grocery store. We have plans to get together so she can show me her system. My argument about not buying a certain brand doesn’t work. I know that already. She buys for little to free and then donates the items to a church food pantry. I have to say, this is the most exciting aspect I am looking forward to learning. The thought of a little effort on my part resulting in benefiting those in need is exciting! Wish me luck and pray for my success. I know I am a work in progress.

This blog post is an entry into the Blissfully Frugal Contest: Win a Blissdom Ticket!

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