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Free Food

These offers were sent to me from a fellow mom. I hope you find some of them useful.

Here are some sites that are offering some decent freebies to sign up for thier e-mail lists:

Penn station : One free small sub (no ohter purchase required)

O’Charleys: Free appetizer with e-mail registration (valid for 30 days)

Fazolis: Monthly Coupons, this month is buy a small pasta entree get one free:

Don Pablos:  Habenero Club - Free dip sampler with sign up.  They also send you $10 on your card for your birthday and your anniversary of signing up for the club as well as random $5 to your card throughout the year:

Bob Evans : Sign up for e-mail newsletter and get a printable coupond for a free kid’s meal with drink

Auntie Annes Pretzel’s: Twisted news : Monthly coupons (B1G1 Free, B1 stix, G 1 pretzel free, etc)

Birthday club goodies:
Red Robin - Free burger on your birthday (no other purchase necessary) - sign up each of your family members and they will send one (to your e-mail) for their b-day as well.  kids get a free kid’s meal

Bob Evans - Kid’s get a coupon via mail for their b-day:

BD’s Mongolian grill: Club Mongo - Free stir fry on your b-day (no other purchase necessary)

Flat Top Grill (FT. WAYNE ONLY) : Free stir fry on your b-day (and sometimes throughout the year as well)

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