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   One of the best opportunities on the web. You can purchase gift certificates for yourself, your friends, your family or as gifts to others. Email the certificate, print it and use it or mail it to someone. Use the linked image above to receive a great discount.

How I use
I buy a larger gift certificate and give it to myself. It is not restaurant specific. I then have a year to use it. I can give part of it as a gift or use part of it for myself. If I purchase it at a huge discount, I don't even have to use the total amount to save money. After two or three uses, it has paid for it's self.

In past years, I have purchased a large dollar amount gift certificate and given it to our family's gift exchange which has a 20 dollar limit. I am able to give a great gift for limited funds. Even the college students and high school students in our family go for the gift certificates.

Using, we have tried a few restaurants we probably would have never tried. Some we have enjoyed and revisited while others we haven't. But the great thing is, it didn't cost us much to try out a new place. Using these gift certificates, we are able to eat out more often at a great discounted price.

If you need a discount code use SANTA for 80% off. 

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