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My Favorite Ways to Make and Save Money Online

1. Hits 4 Pay With a 10 dollar sign up bonus! This site pays you to read emails. 2. Test Spin Surveys Apply online to fill out surveys and earn money towards Amazon gift certificates. 3. Ebates Saves you money as you shop online by giving exclusive savings, shipping offers and limited time sales. 5 dollar sign up bonus. 4. Fat Wallet Check here first before ever ordering something online. They list discounts, promo codes and rate the retailer's website. They also give a 5 dollar bonus at sign up. 5. SurveySavvy Make a difference, have your opinions be heard. Make money filling out surveys. 6. Brad's Deals Sign up for his email lists. Great bargains to be found! 7. Cassandra's Clicks A pay per action website. 8. MyPoints Points for shopping online, points for reading emails. Use your points for gift certificates. Please email me for an invite. 9. Cash Duck What a fun site, you decide what you want to earn. 10. InBox Dollars Lots of different ways to earn cash here. Surveys, email clicks, games...

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